Affordable, Easy-To-Use Visual Web Scraper for Collecting Data Quickly from Websites

  • Collect and Export Data From eCommerce Sites, Online Directories, and More
  • Perfect for Lead Generation, Data Mining, Research and Analysis, Content Aggregation, and Thousands of Other Uses

Outscrape's "Simple Scraper" has features web scrapers want: 

Faster than coding

Don't worry about coding languages. Just point and click on the data you want.

Collect unlimited data

Scrape as many pages as you want for one low price, with no limits on data or pages. 

Keep your secrets safe

Scrape directly from your computer, without sharing secrets in "the cloud."

Let AI do all the work

Proprietary methods in Outscrape find and grab what you need automatically.

Crawl sites at multiple depths

Whether your data is on the first, second, or 3rd link off of a site, Outscrape can grab it.

Cheaper than freelancers

Pay just a small, one-time fee for this simple scraper that you can use on tens of thousands of websites!

The Simple Scraper is designed to work on sites that have similar, well-formatted pages and contain data that you want.

It works on the following types of sites (examples listed are not all tested): 
  • Online Marketplaces (Amazon, Etsy)
  • Job Boards (Upwork)
  • Real Estate Sites (Zillow)
  • Event Sites (TedX)
  • Forums (Slickdeals)
  • Company Sites
  • Business Directories (Yellowpages)
  • Review Sites (Yelp)
  • Search Engines (Google)
  • Travel Sites (Priceline)
  • Auction Sites (Ebay)
  • And More...

Watch a quick demo of the Simple Scraper

The Simple Scraper grabs data from Craigslist and Google, two popular sites, in this quick feature demo. Get your trial below:

Scrape faster and easier.  Watch this in-depth video to see how:

Demonstration of scraping TedX (an event site), Yelp (a review site), and Slickdeals (a forum). Watch this in-depth tutorial to see more of how this Simple Scraper works.

Outscrape's Simple Scraper can even scrape data using a list of URLs.

Check out a demo on the right of how it works! 

Just load a list of URLs from a CSV while building your scraping template, and as long as all the pages are formatted the same way, you can scrape every single one of them! 


Use the Simple Scraper free for 7 days.

  • Unlimited use on any Windows PC
  • Purchase the full version any time


No payment or credit card required.


Web Scraping for 1/10th* the price of competitors.

  • Unlimited scraping 
  • Lifetime license
  • Early access to updates


*That's right. Other scraping tools cost as much as $500/month for unlimited scraping. 

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