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Web Scraping Secrets Exposed is the first and only eBook about how to use Web Scraping to Make Money. Created by Web Automation and Affiliate Marketing veteran Jon Donatello, this eBook explains in detail how anyone can make money with web scraping. See the sales page here.

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What do Facebook, Google, and Priceline all have in common (besides success)? 

They used web scraping to destroy the competition and make billions.

Web scraping is the secret method that small businesses, startups, growth hackers, marketers, and programmers use to propel their companies to success, and I will teach you how they do it, step by step, in this brand-new, one-of-a-kind eBook. 

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    But I guarantee your web scraping skills are being undervalued. There are a ton of other not-so-obvious, even secret ways to use your web scraping super powers to build and expand a business.

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    I just got special permission to offer you a very special ebook that a friend of mine, J Donatello, put together, called Web Scraping Secrets Exposed. J is a web scraping fiend who combined his 5 years of web scraping experience with interviews with web scrapers to cover nearly every possible way you can use your web scraping skills. 

    Here’s a quick list of what you can do with web scraping – and he’ll show you how:

    • Content Aggregation
    • Background Checks
    • Export Alternatives
    • Lead Generation
    • Security
    • Website Duplication
    • Creating Content
    • Monitoring Trends
    • Sentiment Mining
    • Research & Analysis
    • Market Analysis
    • Arbitrage
    • Content Archival
    • Rank & Index Checking
    • App Creation
    • Serving Hard to Find Data
    • Creating a Data Clearinghouse
    • Ad Scraping
    • Making Art
    • and more…

    [ALTERNATIVE METHOD LIST (Benefit-focused):

    • Create Content
    • Find Customers (Lead Generation)
    • Improve SEO
    • Build Infographics
    • Spy On Competitors
    • Find The Best Price Points
    • Skip APIs to Get Data For Free
    • Make Art
    • Monitor Sales Trends
    • Buy Low, Sell High
    • Improve Marketing Campaigns
    • Check Your Site’s Ranks For Free
    • Price Arbitrage
    • Build Apps To Sell
    • Find the Most Effective Ads
    • Check Daily Inventories
    • Create Valuable Databases
    • And Much, Much More….]

    Every method has been tested and approved by real web scrapers.

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