How to Use Web Scraping In These 7 Niches

You can use web scraping to get data from almost any niche, because web scraping gets you data and content. Inside Web Scraping Secrets Exposed you'll learn exactly how you can use web scraping to get data from, and for, over 30 niches. Here's a sample of just ten of those.

Niche 1: Web Scraping On Online Marketplaces (like Amazon)

After years of scraping data and talking to clients who scrape data, I can tell you that Online Marketplaces and E-Commerce websites (like Amazon) are probably the most common source of scraped data. In the back of this sec"on you’ll see a list of other example sites taken from interviews with scrapers. Basically, I define an online marketplace as somewhere that products are sold by more than one company. 

I’ve spoken to more than one provider of niche products that isn’t actually the provider, just the scraper who has a better search functionality than the original providers. You don’t even have to charge a customer. Just give access to your proprietary data in exchange for an email! Once you have that, you know the niche they are in, and you can profit.

Niche 2: Using Web Scraping on Business Directories (like YellowPages)

Business directories like Crunchbase or are incredible resources. But don't forget about the smaller niches inside this: restaurants, hospitals, clinics, construction companies, event agencies, tourism, transport, communication, marketing, fashion/design,music/film/production and more all have directories if you look hard enough. 


You could build a single report for a local business, or you could build an entire database or portal or all-in-one site showing everything there is to know about the competition in the area or across the nation. You could compile all the info you can about all the dentists across the nation, for example, just from business directories. Or maybe you want to sell fresh email lists of contacts that might want to hire marketers? Put together an email list every month of all the companies on Crunchbase that have announced Series A or Seed funding. There's so many ways to use this info that you'll end up using Business Directories more than almost any other niche, I think.

Niche 3: Web Scraping Crowdfunding Sites (like Kickstarter)

If you're running your own kickstarter or crowdfunding project, then there are OBVIOUS ways to use scraping. Research into crowdfunding to understand the success of similar projects, who donated to them, and why, can help you succeed. Scraping is a great way to do that. But you can also research info for other projects too. I'll show you how inside the book! 

Wondering if there are enough different projects and kickstarter sites to do this research? You'd be surprised! Crowdfunding is a nearly $50 billion industry. And there are a LOT of different sites. 

You can use these sites to collect backers’ information from the funding pages of related sites, Reach out to these backers, explaining the crossover between the project they funded and yours, and get an instantaneous funding boost.

  • More inside the book...

Niche 4: Scraping Real Estate Sites (like

Real estate is one of my favorite categories for web scraping. In my experience scraping the web and talking to scrapers, this is one of the big ones. Realtors, home buyers or sellers and even renters have to work fast, to get new sales data and to grab options or clients before someone else does. This makes scraped data in the real estate market extremely useful and valuable.

​The market is big: The Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) estimates that there are about 2 million active real estate licensees in the United States alone. The market is valuable: According to the 2007 Economic Census, there are 109,472 real estate brokerage firms operating in the United States. And in 2010, primary residences accounted for 29.5% of total family assets, according to the Federal Reserves Survey of Consumer Finances. And one last thing - the market and sales data is, mostly, public. So the market is great for scraping. 

An example spreadsheet of scraped data pulled from a Real Estate site

An example spreadsheet of scraped data pulled from a Real Estate site

Huge troves of public data, lots of money at stake, swings in the economy - all of this means there's plenty of data available. One scraper told me he used real estate data to understand pricing trends and merge information from similar listings found on various real estate listing websites, to create trend data from all the mess of online scraped data in different places. You could do this too - and create all sorts of other information. There are obviously entire college departments dedicated to doing trend research on the economy, but usually on a global or national scale. Imagine what you could do with a bit of very specific local data from your area's sales data or MLS data.

Niche 5: Scraping Sports Sites

​You can find all sorts of sites for every sport to pull data from. One scraper told me he scraped NBA score data extraction and shared the code for the scraper he made. Another scraper has a side-project to scrape play-by-play data from NBA games and put them together on a site. In fact, the more time you spend looking sports stats, the clearer it is that a lot of sites are just aggregated data. Look at sites like Vorped and NBAWowy for examples. And don’t just focus on the big leagues: smaller divisions have rabid fans as well.

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​Niche 6: Scraping Social Media Sites (like Facebook or Instagram)

One great way to use social media sites: to validate ideas! It takes some effort, but you can usually find more info about what people want or don’t want in a product on social media than you can on Google. Use something like Twitter to search for keywords, competitor info, or other things related to your plan or product, and and then scrape the data! I’ve also used social media to find out more about what exists, and what features should exist in products. This can help you determine whether the idea you have is a good one, and what features are most likely to get you off to a good start. Offering this sort of analysis as a service is a great way to make money from people who are interested in starting a business but not sure if it is viable.

Niche 7: ​Scraping Forums (like Reddit)

Forums are great places for people to voice their opinions. They were the Twitter before there was a Twitter. so it makes sense that you can find lots of information about how people feel about certain things by looking on forums.

There are niche forums that focus on just tools, just cars, just photography, just SEO, pretty much anything you can think of. I highly recommend forums as a place to start if you’re considering leadgen, but there are many other options for using the info that's there! It's not that difficult to scrape forums and comb through the data for similar content about related topics to build your own unique content by tying it together, or just getting your own ideas. 

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