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Learn How You Can Use Web Scraping To Find New Customers, Create A Valuable Website, and Grow Your Business

No experience necessary.
This is the most comprehensive guide ever written - guaranteed.

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Web scraping is the secret method businesses use to find hidden leads, create amazing, viral content, and build multi-million dollar brands.

Learn how you can use scraping - aka data mining, web research, and automated crawling - in any niche or business - with this ebook.

Expertly Researched And Organized, Web Scraping Secrets Exposed Combines Interviews With Experts And 5+ Years of Scraping Experience Into Seven Detailed Chapters:

Chapter 1 of Web Scraping Secrets Exposed, Introduction To Web Scraping
Chapter 2 of Web Scraping Secrets Exposed, Using Scraped Data
Chapter 3 of Web Scraping Secrets Exposed, Scraping Business Sites (ebay, amazon)
Chapter 4 of Web Scraping Secrets Exposed, Scraping Public Data (Government data, Stock trading data)
Chapter 5 of Web Scraping Secrets Exposed, Scraping Entertainment Sites (Movies, Games, imdb)
Chapter 7 of Web Scraping Secrets Exposed, Scraping Niche Sites (nutrition, health, stock images)

This 165 Page eBook Gives You EVERYTHING You Need To Scrape The Web:


Web scrapers share their work so you can look "over the shoulder" of professionals.


Detailed instructions tell you exactly how to turn scraped content into money-making websites and products.


No matter what niche you're in, you can increase your profits by using web scraping!


This is the FIRST AND ONLY eBook to explain HOW ANYONE can use web scraping today in their online business!

Why You Should Use Web Scraping In Your Business

Web scraping can solve a TON of problems for any business.  Here's just a sampling:

  • Create Content
  • Find Customers (Lead Generation)
  • Improve SEO
  • Build Infographics
  • Spy On Competitors
  • Find The Best Price Points
  • Skip APIs to Get Data For Free
  • Make Art
  • Monitor Sales Trends
  • Buy Low, Sell High
  • Improve Marketing Campaigns
  • Check Your Site's Ranks For Free
  • Price Arbitrage
  • Build Apps To Sell
  • Find the Most Effective Ads
  • Check Daily Inventories
  • Create Valuable Databases
  • And Much, Much More....

​You Will Learn It All Inside.

But This Isn't Just An eBook....

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These 4 Special Digital Bonuses Help You Get Started Immediately

Start Out With 150+ URLs

Websites Used By Actual Scrapers

Inside you'll find over 150 websites used by actual scrapers, organized by niche, so you can start immediately!

Get $50,000 Worth Of Ideas 

687 Detailed Job Listings

Specially-collected and organized list of 687 freelance scraping jobs worth $50,000 gives you EXTRA ideas!  

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Join A Private Mastermind

Over 500 Members 

Share your thoughts and questions with professionals and learn from others in a Private Facebook Group. Over 500 Members!

See Actual Scraped Data

5 Sample Spreadsheets

Learn EXACTLY what sort of data you can scrape with sample spreadsheets organized just for you to get started.     

And Unlike Most Methods...This eBook Will Teach You Skills You Can Use Forever! 

Web Scraping Will ALWAYS Help: Unlike most "make money" methods, web scraping has been around for decades and isn't going away!

Includes 20+ Detailed Methods To Make Money Using Scraped Content: No matter your experience level, you will learn how to put one of these methods to use in your business!

Learn How Web Scraping Can Work In 30+ Niches, Including Marketplaces, Review Sites, Real Estate, Social Media, Travel, Tourism, and Forums

Over 50 Images Show You How: This eBook includes over 50 pictures to help you understand EXACTLY how web scraping works!

150+ Real Websites Scrapers Use: Over 150 websites that scrapers have used to find content are inside, organized neatly!

Includes Scraping Software: Links to actual free software and code to scrape sites is included, as well as suggestions on software anyone can use!

People Love It!

The creator of web scraping and data harvesting tool Paigham Bot gives a 
"Thumbs Up" video review of the ebook:

I would recommend to my friends who are interested in web scraping.

I have wondered about scraping and after read your book, i would like to find more about how to make money from scraping.

Honby Kurniawan

I use web scraping to make easy freelance money.

I am working as a freelancer mainly doing web scrape jobs...Most clients pay $50 to $80. I shared my recent earnings, see by clicking the "freelance" link.


This book has opened my eyes on scraping data in certain industries and starting a new business!

Being a web marketer for almost 20 years, data has always been my best friend. I've been scraping for years for my personal benefit and never thought of scraping for others. This book has opened my eyes on scraping data in certain industries and starting a new business! Join the FB group as I document my new scraping venture and post tips using the Outscrape tool!I'd definitely recommend Outscrape to a friend, if any of them were as a big data nerd as myself.

Dre de Vera
Head of Global Web Marketing, (at a hot startup)

I learned the amount of ways scraping the web can be done!

Johnny Andrade
Internet Marketer

Setting up an analytics company - the book will definitely contribute

setting up an analytics company - the book will definitely contribute to the agenda.

abkul orto

Many of you may know me as the person associated with Paigham Bot, which harvests data from platforms all over the world wide I have a lot of experience in this specific industry. And I think this is probably one of the first books that has been compiled that has a lot of condensed information that you're not really gonna find in one place...The book does really well in kind of going over lots of different niche ideas that people can use, different web scraping techniques to build different kind of platforms, and the author gives a lot of background into how some of these multi-million dollar companies, Google for example, used webscraping to harvest data from all these different websites around the world to build their search engine. In general, the book contained a ton of information, a ton of ideas, and if people are a little bit creative in their thinking, they'll definitely be able to—especially if they're just starting out in online marketing or wanting to get into web scraping or data harvesting, and they're a little bit creative, they're going to be able to find some good ideas that maybe they can twist into their own specific niche of this market. I give it a thumbs up.Watch the video:

a great place to start for any beginner, it also contains a great deal of more in-depth knowledge for the experienced scraper

Web Scraping Secrets Exposed is very detailed and does a great job laying out the different reasons for scraping the web and the different legitimate uses of scraped web data....Being knowledgeable and having the ability to get whatever data is required to have the ability to dominate your niche is more important now than ever. Market research has been a cornerstone of my business tactics for almost 20 years. He does a good job with his book and there is good information in there that I didn't know aboutThis book is a great place to start for any beginner, It also contains a great deal of more in-depth knowledge for the experienced scraper. I quickly read it when I first received it, but have gone back a couple of times since to go more in depth into the different links and tools that he mentioned.

Joe Reichsfeld

I definitely will recommend to friends

I love the quick tips that I was able to implement in regards to parsehub and by talking to the author he provided another tip on which I don't recall in the book

Oscar Mejia

It became easy.

I scrape travel destination websites, shop inventories, real estate listings… At first it was difficult because of my lack of experience but later it became easy. It takes like 5 projects. So I encourage you to try for yourself, and I wish you good luck!" [Click "Freelancer" to see this video testimonial.]

Very comprehensive and nicely done

Vlad Ionescu
Growth, UiPath

Create your own product

The thing I most liked about this book is that there was a lot of information on what data to scrape and how to use the scraped data to create your own product from it, or the ideas to whom you could possible try to sell the scraped data.

Martynas Aliukevicius

I use scraping to find expired domains and sell them.

I use web scraping to find "Expired Web 2.0 sites" with high MOZ metric...then I register them and sell on Fiverr & SeoClerks. I have successfully found & registered approximately 15,000 Expired Web 2.0 sites!" See some sample sales data by clicking my "Freelance" link.


Is This Book Right for You?

Are you ready to turn your curiosity into cash? 

Get This Book If You ...

  • Want to make money online
  • Want to grow any business
  • Have scraping experience and want to learn even more ways to make money
  • Have NO experience - it's easy to learn, and very affordable to hire someone
  • Like playing around on websites 
  • Want to learn the secrets to how businesses and other people have succeeded
  • Are TIRED of wasting time with searching around on forums and other sites for methods that work 
  • Are ready to get ALL the web scraping info you need in one place!
My Guarantee: You WILL Learn A Method...
Or Your Money Back

I guarantee you will find at least one method you can use to make money if you read this book. I spent six months putting it and the bonuses together, and I will refund you the cost of your purchase within 30 days if you don't find something here you can use!

About Me

I've been scraping the web for over a decade. Not only that, but I've talked to hundreds of web scrapers! As a marketer for a web automation company I've heard hundreds of web scraping ideas and success stories and combined that knowledge and experience with interviews and research to produce the ONLY book about HOW to use web scraping to make money. No matter who you are, what niche you use, or if you know anything about programming or web scraping, this is the best place to get started.

"I've included everything I can think of to help you get started. Don't wait any longer to take action."

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  • 7 Chapters - Over 150 Pages Of Content!
  • 20+ Detailed Methods
  • 30+ Niches
  • BONUS: Private Mastermind Access
  • BONUS: 687 Freelance Scraping Jobs
  • BONUS: 150 Sample URLS
  • BONUS: Sample Scraper Code
  • BONUS: Scraper Demo Videos
  • BONUS: 4 Samples of Scraped Data
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PS...Check out a sample of the book below:

After years of helping others do web scraping, I had so much information that once I started writing this eBook it just fell out onto the page and I ended up with 165 pages.

Below is a sample of the kind of info you'll get from the FREE download. This is something I learned about helping people find and scrape data: they often do more work than they need to because they aren't prepared.

This book will not only help you learn how to do web scraping, it will also teach you how to do it effectively. 

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